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On this page, we will bring you updates and photos of Stockcar 35h and its progress.

MONDAY 6th July 2009
Well its been a long road to get this far but slowly and surely we are getting there and are hoping to be at Huntlys 1st Practice.
The NRP holden V6 is in the engine bay finally and looks the part topped off with a Steel Surgeon manifold, Holley 350 and a twin filter system.
Still theres Lots of small meddlesome jobs to do like wiring, brake lines etc but we feel that we should get those sorted pretty quick. Fingers crossed!!!!!!!
Wheels are next big expense on the agenda along with some tyres as the old hoosiers that its sitting on at present aren't legal for Stockcars.
Looking at options here as a few that we have talked to have complained that the Triangle holed wheels are soft and that you tend to go through a few compared to the old steel centre type.
Some chrome D rims would be nice but the budget doesn't allow for those yet. 
Waikaraka or Huntly.........
With a change in leadership for the Auckland Stock & Saloon Car Club, we were asked if we intended registering with Waikaraka Park Speedway.  The short answer is NO!
As a Team we have our reasons for wanting to race in Huntly, but we do wish the new committee of the A.S.S.C.C. well in their upcoming endeavours.
We would certainly like to make an appearance and have a peddle there sometime this coming season.
Thanking you.......
I really need at this point, thank the Warwick and Ross familys for their Continued support of which we are hugely grateful. Ben & Lisa have been brilliant as has Daren & Kim.
As always, like most Race Teams we are always on the look out for new Sponsors / Advertisers financial or product. If your keen to advertise your Business, Maybe we can help, we have tailored packages to suit any budget. 
Send us an email through our contacts page 

Photos thanks to Spielburg

NEED A DESIGN...................
I am currently available to do any design work for those neediing Posters, Business Cards, Hero Cards, Decals or logos for their Race Team at very competitive rates to help fund my racing. From Conception to Completion
Check out some of my work below



Speedfest Programme Cover was done by myself for Acme Concepts ltd, photos for the cover were kindly provided by Gregobro and Eddie Kyle
This Programme is a finalist at the Cardwell Speedway Awards