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Cameron Clout Racing

The Driver

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DRIVER: Cameron Clout
AGE: 20
LIVES: West Auckland
OCCUPATION: Parts Salesman, Graphic Artist
HOBBIES: Racing, Graphic Animation, Basketball
TRACKS RACED: Waikaraka, Baypark, Meanee, Kihikihi, Huntly, Rotorua, The Motorplex (Perth W.A)
1st RACECAR: 35a Ministock built by CCR
2nd RACECAR: 14a Ministock Built By CCR, Corban Motorsport.
3rd RACECAR: 35h Stockcar Built By NRP
ACHIEVEMENTS: Wins at all NZ tracks I've raced at (Ministock). Twice Member of NZ Ministock Team to Australia and at NZ
SPEEDWAY HEROES: 96a Lance Jennings, 8p Scotty Miers, 15a Roger Bertram.
HATES: Those that cry "Cheat" but never put up the cash
LIKES: The atmosphere and people you meet and of course the "RACING" 

Team DJ RACE FUELS 35a, 75a, 96a at the Grand Opening Meeting of Baypark Speedway